LLC “Leader” – is a leading distribution company that has been successfully operating in the food market of Tajikistan for 19 years. For a variety of product groups, the company is a leader in the food market; many brands are delivered to the market of Tajikistan under exclusive agreements with manufacturers. The company was founded in 2000, its goal is to create for customers a high level of service for the product range that the company promotes in each region. Therefore, the company supplies only high-quality food and strives to provide Tajik market with a wide range of products distributed in a timely manner. The company offers a wide range of only high-quality food from foreign manufacturers.

Over the years, highly qualified marketers of our company have managed to form a balanced range of products, which includes: on the one hand, highly liquid global and Russian brands that are interesting for all groups of buyers, on the other hand, brands that are promising to generate good profits in the near future, many of them are supplied to us on an exclusive basis. Continuous work to promote the products allows our customers confidently occupy new market niches, which is the basis for successful long-term business. We are constantly updating our product range and conduct a search for new products, taking into account market trends.

1_amid-480x302    Our company has its own brand “Amid” under which premium food products are produced in different countries of the world. Under this brand, various categories of food products are produced, such as confectionery, soft drinks, canned vegetables, dairy products, olive and sunflower oil. Day with the day the range of products under this brand is expanding. The main purpose of the food supply under the “Amid” brand to the market of Tajikistan is to provide consumers with high-quality foodstuffs that meet international standards.

    The company has a developed infrastructure for complex service of its partners, starting with the operational processing of the client’s application and ending with their delivery by the company’s transport to the customer at a convenient time for him.

  • professional team of managers, trade agents, marketers, logisticians and etc.;
  • own warehouses;
  • own auto park;
  • tuned network of logistics from Europe, CIS, South Korea, China, Turkish and other countries;
  • well-tested routing traffic of sales representatives;
  • tested cellular method of sales representatives;
  • daily and monthly sales planning;
  • market dynamics control;
  • a clear system of accountability;
  • daily quality control;
  • quality of products won the hearts of a growing number of consumers every day;
  • prices of products are available absolutely for all consumers;
  • a tuned logistics works like a clock;
  • flexible price policy allows a profitable cooperation with company as partners and consumers;
  • our accounting system correspond to international standards.
  • and finally, the company’s staff consists of professionals whose level highly appreciated by our customers.

We on principle do not import and realize those products, which are harmful for health and environment. (Tobacco, alcohol drinks and products containing GMO).