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LLC ‘’Leader’’ is a leading distribution company that has been successfully operating in the food market of Tajikistan for more than 20 years. The company is a leader in the food market for a number of product groups. Many brands are supplied to the Tajikistan market under exclusive agreements with manufacturers. The company was founded in 2000, its goal is to create a high level of service for customers in the product range that the company promotes in each region. The company offers a wide range of only high-quality food products from foreign manufacturers. 

Over the years, highly qualified marketers of our company have been able to create a balanced range of products, which includes: on the one hand, highly liquid global and Russian brands that are interesting for all groups of buyers, on the other hand, brands that are promising for generating good income in the near future, and many of which are supplied to us on an exclusive basis. Continuous work to promote the products we offer allows our customers to confidently occupy new market niches, which is the basis for successful long-term business. We constantly update our range and search for new products taking into account market trends. 

The company has a developed infrastructure for providing comprehensive services to its partners, starting from the prompt processing of a client’s application and ending with their delivery by company transport to the customer at a time convenient for him. 

As a matter of principle, we do not sell products that are harmful to health and the environment. (Tobacco, alcoholic beverages and products containing GMOs).


All our activities begin with good intentions. We are proud of our company and believe in it. To be competitive and increase the profitability of our business, we offer permitted products and services, introduce advanced technologies, and conduct honest and transparent business. We know that we will achieve all this by respecting the letter of the law, shorten unnecessary expenses and organizing an accurate accounting system.

We are part of the community and support it by doing charity and participating in solving social problems. We care about children, promote the development of science and support a healthy lifestyle. We are making our contribution to the revival of our national values.

We value the trust of our clients and offer them quality service and good attitude. We strive to approach our clients individually, to be honest with them, to interest and delight them.

We are one family, but we do not forget that discipline and responsibility are the basis of work. We offer our employees fair wages, improve working conditions and provide opportunities for career and material growth. Our employees are competent and have the ability to make business proposals. We encourage initiative.

Each employee of the company must strictly follow these rules. Only by adhering to these principles will we be able to achieve success and prosperity in our common business.


Saudi Arabia
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Флаг Азербайджана — Википедия Azerbaijan
Флаг Республики Корея — Википедия South Korea

Our partners

Our main task is to provide such a level of logistics, distribution and trade marketing support for brands so that the products of our partners can always be easily found and purchased by the consumers.

Our portfolio includes brands from a wide variety of product categories. This does not prevent us from successfully promoting each of them in strict accordance with the policy of the manufacturer.



+992 44 630 5005



40B/13 Syrdariya street, Khujand, Sughd, Republic of Tajikistan, 735700